Where will the OnSite be set up?
In a space provided by you. You assign us the space, we equip and install everything we need, at our expense.
What if we only use the OnSite staff part of the time?
Then you only pay for part of the time. If you use only 15 hours one week, you only pay for 15 hours that week. The next week you use 30 hours, and you only pay for that 30 hours. (And the per hour is still way less than an outside supplier.)
Where will the OnSite staff be? How long will it take them to get here?
Your OMS OnSite photographer or any other creative talent we supply will be just down the hall from your office (or wherever you find a bit of space for them).

They work the same hours you work, and are on demand whenever you need them. Just like your computer and DVR. You don’t need to worry about what they’re doing when they’re not shooting for you because you don’t pay a cent for down- or slow-time. They are not on your payroll. Never. Ever.
What if we need to do an out-of-office shoot, to capture lifestyles, outdoor and architecture, or real consumers experiencing our brands?
Your OnSite is portable; just take your OnSite staff with you. (You will need to cover their travel expenses.)
Our needs fluctuate seasonally. Can our OnSite accommodate this?
Yes, we can assign “swing” staff to your OnSite to help during peak times.

“I said no consistently for almost two years when asked about setting up an OnSite studio. What was I thinking? At this point I would hate to be without it. It’s more convenient than TV dinners, and the product is vastly superior.”
– Donovan Perkins, former EVP Chief Creative Officer, Northlich, currently CEO, LifeSize Creative