When you agree to having an OMS OnSite in your location, we will install, equip and supply staff for any or all of the following: photography (in-house, in the field, almost any kind), post-capture digital work, production, post-production, video production and editing, graphic design, strategic planning, even broadcast. Staffing can be based on full-time, part-time or as-needed requirements.

All this occurs at virtually no cost to you – your OnSite staff are on our payroll, and you have no capital outlay or overhead. You pay only for the time you actually use your OnSite staff (at a very reasonable hourly rate), for the space you provide, electricity, travel costs if you take us into the field out of town, and model fees if models are used.

You do not pay for downtime or slow time – only for the actual hours of use. We provide the great talent, the latest equipment, and our expert management. We even provide detailed internal billing using your job numbers, not ours.

Since there is no contract or exclusivity, you still control your work assignments completely. You don't have to use us forever, for any particular length of time, or even for all your photography work. Of course, the more you use your OMS OnSite the more time and money you save, and the more your people are free to focus on your key revenue-producing work.

We Provide:





Internal Billing

You Pay For:

Actual hours used only



Travel costs, if any

Model fees, if any