OMS has been supplying commercial photography since 1986, and led the industry in the merger of imaging and digital manipulation beginning in 1993. With 32 full-time employees in 12 different locations, OMS has developed a unique Integrated Production Platform (IPP) for delivering creative services, with a customized workflow for each client's need.

OMS OnSite began in 1995, and creates, funds, staffs, maintains and manages dedicated custom studios on our client's premises. OnSites supply imaging services and other creative capabilities including photography and digital post-capture, as well as graphic design, digital videography and editing, production, post-production, and strategic planning.

Our OnSite staff supplies our clients with basic product, beauty product, exploratory, location, and people photography and videography for PR, print, packaging, collateral, presentation, FSCI, web, broadcast, documentation and portfolio. Since our goal is to serve your needs in a way that helps you maximize your business success, we customize the creative talent and equipment exactly to your needs, and keep it fluid as those needs evolve.

We offer great compensation and benefits to our employees. Their continued happiness and well-being is also crucial to our success.

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“It has been a freeing experience for our design staff to be able to test a photographic idea without poring over stock books and swipes to find something that vaguely resembles the picture they have conceived in their heads. We continue to astound our clients with accurate glimpses of what a particular concept can become.”
– Doug Sovonick. Creative Director, Deskey Associates