OMS OnSite, like any Business Process Management model, offers many advantages:
» Zero investment, with easy addition of extra capabilities and capacity, plus rapid implementation of new developments in technology, equipment and processes.
» Built-in process enhancers, including (in photography, for example): Epson proofs, prints, or contact sheets, better back up and documentation, and key monitor calibration.
» Upgrades quality of your work with access to world-class resources and capabilities dedicated to your projects and incentivized by us to help ensure your business succeeds.
» Optimum HR flexibility with the ability to add, decrease and modify creative staff quickly as you need to at no cost to you.

» Increased control through our service focus and customized systems for billing.
» Frees management for strategic focus, staff for more central profit-producing activities, and financial resources to support more key investments.
» Adds competitive advantage through a strategic alliance with a 22-year-strong partner rich in creative, technical, workflow, and management solutions.
» Access to all services within our OMS Integrated Production Platform, including graphic design, digital videography, video editing, production, post-production, even strategic planning.

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“[our OnSite has] been an outstanding asset for both current and prospective work. It’s also helping us build our visual case studies that we share with prospective clients. One resource delivering quality images helps us speak in a visually consistent manner. Yum.”
– Richard Westendorf, Creative Director, Landor Associates